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Are you considering a bariatric surgery in Mexico? You may have wondered if having a gastric bypass surgery or a gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico was a viable option. You may have considered having a Lap-Band in Mexico but would like to know if it is safe. The answer is yes, sending your journey towards weight loss to Mexico is a sage decision for many reasons.

First of all you are not alone, thousands from around the world not just the US travel to Tijuana for some type of medical, surgical or wellness procedure. Tijuana has become a world class destination for medical tourism. And you will be happy to know that stomach surgery in Mexico is actually one of the most popular procedures people visit the country for. This means you are dealing with experts who are masters of their profession. You have certified doctors who on top of being schooled and trained specifically for this type of procedure but have also thousands of bariatric surgeries under their belt.

Another reason why people choose Tijuana for obesity surgery is the low cost of bariatric surgery in Mexico. Affordable gastric sleeve and bypass surgeries are a reality and not an exaggeration. You can expect to have these type of surgeries for under $6000 USD which would include your surgery and all of the costs associated with it, including your hotel accommodations and shuttles services. If you paid out of pocket in the US you could expect to pay three times as much. Yes, all-inclusive bariatric surgery packages are very popular in Tijuana and are worth you looking into.

Yet another reason is world class facilities. Visiting Tijuana for your bariatric surgery is not a downgrade but quite the opposite. Many hospitals in the city hold certifications the vast majority of US hospitals do not. Obesity in America is a serious issue and the city has become a trusted friend to thousands who have made the choice to do something about this scourge.

So how much does gastric sleeve cost? For an all-inclusive package you can expect to pay between $4800-$5600. And for a gastric bypass? It can range between $5500 and $6800.

The varied price on the high end is due to the fact that some facilities have gone above and beyond what is required and have reached a level of excellence and certification that only a handful of hospitals in all of Mexico possess. But regardless of your choice, these hospitals are safe, equal in some but the majority of cases above US hospital standards and some in the upper echelons stand alone with world class international certifications.

You will be well served if you put Tijuana on your radar regarding your weight loss journey.

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