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Need an eye exam? Need to get new prescription glasses? You will be able to book this service during your recovery if you wish to do so.


Eyeglasses are very expensive, but not in Mexico. Some of our patients not only get a new pair of prescription glasses but get multiple in varied colors and throw in a couple of cool  prescription sunglasses while they’re at it. No matter how many glasses you get, be it one pair or ten you are guaranteed to have them ready the next day. This is why its important to plan on which of your recovery days you will get secondary treatments or services before you travel.

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  1. Duncan Swayne

    Dude I asked about an eye exam and prescription glasses since I saw they had that as an option during my recovery period. So they took me, the eye lady was awesome she is a professional optometrists and when I saw the prices of not just cool frames but also prescription sunglasses I literally got two and two. I’m not kidding you can walk out with a finished pair of eyeglasses or sunglasses for less than $100 bucks each. They are ready for next day around 5pm so make sure you go on your 2nd day of recovery so you can pick them up.

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