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Baja California Norte is a rich and diverse state that has both a hip culinary scene and breathtaking natural landscapes. Your surgery package includes a sightseeing trip in Tijuana, but if you’d like to see more of Baja and visit other regions you may also hire a tour to do so.

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Baja has a handful of cities with unique features worthy of a day trip. They are close enough to Tijuana where you can choose to visit on or two on the same day. Tijuana is at the center of a culinary movement that has made it world renown. The Seafood in Ensenada is worthy of royalty. The Vale de Guadalupe is the Mexican Napa Valley or like the late Anthony Bourdain called it “Little Tuscany”. Tecate is famous for its beer and sweet bread aka “Pan Dulce”. Rosarito is the only truly resort beach town in northern Baja with a large expat community. You can choose to travel to any of these locations or sightsee and shop within Tijuana.


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